Other projects

This page details other past research projects.

Characterising complexity in fruit fly learning

This project arose at the Santa Fe Institute Complex Systems Summer School as a collaboration with Dr. Ruichen Sun from the University of California San Diego. Not much can be said about this project currently because of the unpublished nature of Dr. Sun's research, but my role was to help in analysing data produced in her experiments in order to characterise the complexity in the time series of a fly's movement as it is trained.

Schlieren photography of boundary flow around melting ice

Contributed to setting up schlieren photography experiments to visualise the flow of air and temperature gradients around the boundary of a melting ice cylinder. These experiments were intended to support Prof. Ray Goldstein's mathematical model of how the flow of heat around the ice interacts with the ice to affect its melting pattern.
Due to the constraints of my undergraduate degree schedule, I was unable to make significant progress, but felt that I learned a lot about both the mathematical model and experimental principles. I continued to attend meetings of Prof. Goldstein's group for a long time afterwards, because I find their contributions to mathematical biology particularly fascinating.